7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, Audiobook Meditation and Business Learning Program-Franklin Covey App Reviews

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Good concept, bad execution

The narrators computer generated voice makes me want to reach through my speaker and rip out its little electronic voice box.

Wow! Easy for me!

I think this is a very easy way to learn the principles of the 7 Habits book. I also liked the fact that it helped me to meditate. Very cool!

A waste of time

Please fix the program so you can actually access the habits Andover beyond the awful intro voice.

Not worth it

I am very disappointed with the app as I am unable to access the audio. Each time I try, it notifies me that the data is no available???

I want a refund!!!!

******Fraud alert*******. Do not waste your money on this. This is not a audiobook. This is a stupid workbook. I was scammed. This app should have never been listed under audiobooks. I demand a refund!!! Fraud Alert!!!!! Apple is, just as guilty.


Wonderful app. This meditation program makes me relaxed at any time and at any place. I can imagine my special place and the app helps me with it. Besides, it is educational. This app certainly deserves 5 stars. Love it!

It will help you!

With this course, I began to live differently. I advise you to it, if you have any problems in life, at work - it will help you to look at it all differently and understand how you can get out of this situation.

Amazing and useful app

This app appeared in my life just at the right time. Now when I became a housewife I need to change many things in my mind towards life. 7 habits helps me. My friend advised me this app and Im satisfied.

Helpful app!

If you want to boost your self-esteem and confidence, this is the app for you, very useful and helpful. This is an extraordinary app.Amazing app for iPad.

Grateful for this app

This app really helped to open my eyes and lead a better life through rough times. I am already starting to feel myself getting happier. It has changed my thinking so I am very grateful for this app.

well done

work great. perfect for relax time. as for me this app so effective for future and life aims.

Very deceiving

I would give this app NO stars if I could. I purchased the $14.99 bundle & it is the biggest waste of my money. It is very deceiving in leading you to believe you will be able to listen to these great books. You are forcrd to spend 20 minutes in a "meditation" mode. I tried on all four apps & they were all the same. After spending an hour trying to work past these, I gave up. In very disappointed & feel like they scammed me.

Do not buy ios9

App does not work, waste of money. Auto crashes, no fix.


Purchased the app but does not work it crashes. Ripped off! I would give zero stars.

Great App!

This is a unique & great app!…It offers the principles of the book as a meditation which is awesome! Thank you

Not what I thought

I dont think it was clear in the description. Not the audio book. Some sort of meditation app. Waste of money.

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